Earning a Secure Attachement

Do you self-sabotage your relationships? Does your attachment style get in the way of your happiness? Do you want to feel more secure in your relationships? Your attachment style is not fixed, and you can earn a secure attachement. Sign up for this workshop and make yourself a priority.

February 24

10am - 2pm MST

Earning A Secure Attachment is an online workshop aimed towards people with anxious and avoidant attachment styles who want to begin their healing process. This workshop will help participants to identify a sense of security within themselves, and teach them strategies for self-love, setting boundaries, and working with your inner-child. This workshop is designed for self-empowerment through cultivating a better relationship with yourself, so that you can show up as your best self in your other relationships.

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What we will focus on

Boundary mapping and setting

Through a somatic approach, participants will have a better understanding of what is happeing in their bodies when they are triggered.

inner child and parts work

We will turn inwards to create a safer home inside ourselves for our inner child to inhabit and feel safe. Say good-bye to the Flight, Fight, or Freeze response!


Through breathwork and somatic embodiment practices, participants will learn how to self-soothe

3 Tiers for Participation

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Basic Registration


This includes online workshop only



This includes online workshop, slides, and worksheets



Premium - $160: online workshop, slides, worksheets & one coaching session with Jessica Langley, Versicolor Coaching