Love, embodied

a workshop for erotic embodiment

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Saturday February 10, 2024

11am - 3pm

Love, embodied is a workshop offered for singles, couples, or polycules to develop higher forms of intimacy within themselves and/or with their partner/s. We will focus on a somatic approach to erotic embodiment through breath, play, and touch in safe. learning environment. In Love, embodied participants will get in touch with their natural eroticism and leave with a more full understanding of what brings them and their partner/s pleasure.

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What to expect

This is not a hook-up scene, but rather a substance-free space dedicated to conscious consent and personal growth.

COVID Protocols: Assess symptoms, and stay home if unwell.

What to wear: clothing is required at all times during this workshop. Comfy, flowy, clothing is recommended. Skirts and constrictive clothings are not ideal.

Demonstrations and dyad work

Joyful boundary and consent dialogue

Playful movement-based practices

Breathwork and visualization

Chai love potion, and romance-inspiring artisanal chocolates

Self-love evoking creative practices & valentine making

This event welcomes all genders and orientations in a safe, respectful space.

A cozy, judgement free zone

Guided activities and discussions

Respect for personal boundaries and consent

Laugther, relaxation, and genuine connection

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Smokebrush Foundation

Rockledge Lodge

328 El Paso Boulevard, Manitou Springs, CO

Call: +719-231-3952


Workshop Rates

Early bird registration fee by January 31 $150

Bring a buddy and receive 50% off the second ticket!

Registration fee beginning February 1


Info on overnight accomodations

Overnight accomodations are available at Rockledge Lodge. We encourage you to check out Rock Ledge Lodge if you want to turn this into an overnight stay.

Book Here

Call 719-685-4515 or 719-205-8516

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Meet the facilitators

Sarah Hope

Sarah Hope is a nature connected coach, retreat leader and ceremonialist. She has been coaching, leading rites of passage and guiding for the last decade. She is the founder of Slow Medicine Community where she offers courses on trauma informed plant medicine, ceremony and rites of passage. She leads retreats for spiritual and cultural exploration in sacred spaces in Oaxaca, Mexico, and the forests of Colorado.

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Jessica Langley

Jessica Langley is somatic sex, relationship, and intimacy facilitator. She is dedicated to liberating humans from toxic shame. She believes that embodied pleasure is a birthright, and she can help you reclaim your sacred eroticism. Jessica is polyamorous and through her personal journey, she has learned to overcome anxious attachment style patterns and embrace ecstatic self love. She has developed a system of sensual and playful practices to help you reclaim your right to pleasurable wholeness and deeper connection. Jessica has a background in fine art, and sensuality has become her primary media of expression.

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